San Francisco City Hall

A Perfectly Smooth Wedding


the recipe and the very best idea for an easy and smooth gliding thru your
San Francisco City Hall Wedding:

Have your very own wedding Officiant

With more than 15 years of San Francisco City Hall Wedding experience we absolutely know what is best for our wedding couples, and one of our very best ideas and decisions was to include the civil marriage ceremony into our wedding photography packages: this means way less stress for the couple, way more freedom for the wedding ceremony inside the City Hall, plus an absolute smooth sailing from picking up the Marriage License into the ceremony and Wedding Pictures!

Having your very own INDEPENDANT Wedding Officiant for your San Francisco City Hall wedding completely frees you from restrictive and often under time pressure officiating Deputy Marriage Commissioners

Several San Francisco City Hall Deputy Marriage Commissioners are doing conveyor belt wedding ceremonies just like the wedding chapels in Las Vegas do. We, who photograph City Hall weddings every week, can tell that definitely not all Commissioners are always nice and always honor the important first day of a new marriage. More often they just rush thru the ceremony in minutes, taking no care whether your guests are ready or not, whether your family photographer is in position or not. They just get it done. It is understandable why they do it that way: it is because they have to stick to their 30 Minute time table, and if one couple arrives later than their time slot is, the whole time table for all following couples would be messed up. So the Commissioners try to compensate for mishaps of a late arriving couples.

Since we, the professional City Hall photographers know this fact, we guide the couple and the guests as much as we can, and we are always ready to start photographing as soon as the Commissioner rises his or her book.

However over the years we could tell that many, many couples were very disappointed from their Civil Marriage Commissioner's ceremony.

Therefore we decided to always include our independent Wedding Officiant into all of our wedding photography packages

at no extra costs for your

Using our very own Civil Marriage Officiant not only does save our couples $86 to the City Hall, it also completely frees our couples from all City Hall Deputy Marriage Commissioners, their restrictions and their tight time frames. We, together with our couple, can freely choose the time for the ceremony - you can book your ceremony / photography with us on a very short notice! Our couple can freely decide where they prefer their ceremony. We could even walk together thru the City Hall to see what the couple likes best for their big City Hall wedding day. And of course we will make sure everyone is in position before our officiant starts the ceremony. Oh, and by the way, our Officiant always allows our bride and groom to speak their own words during the ceremony - City Hall Marriage Commissioners never will.

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